Zwagji - The House of Goblins

Originated in the eighteenth century , but entirely rebuilt in 2013 with natural and innovative materials that allow you to fall in energy class A , in full respect of tradition and the original Walser style.Three floors, three rooms with bathroom, very intimate and warm, for a unique experience of snow, silence and nature.Larch and fir wood are combined with Serizzo and Beola typical of Ossola.

The rooms are equipped with private bathroom, wi-fi connection and television.The owner is an experienced hiking guide who, in addition to hosting you, can advise you or lead you through the woods and high altitudes of the valley safely.


Self laundry service

Parking 50 meters away in summer and 300 meters away in winter

Kettle on request

Smoking is not allowed

In the heart of the cross-country trails, nearby ski resort

Pets not allowed

The valley

The Ossola is "a large inlet in a sea of mountains," is how Paolo Crosa Lenz and Toni Farina define the Ossola Valleys in their presentation of "Piemonte Parchi".

In the middle of this inlet flows the Toce River, the Tòs for the Ossolans, which comes to life at Riale di Formazza and as it descends to the valley receives the waters of its side tributaries, transforming itself from a stream into a real river; like a real river it then flows into Lake Maggiore with a water flow rate greater than the much better-known Ticino. 

Austrian wooden wall

Healthy and sustainable living thanks to wood . I chose Thoma Holz 100 Company (Austria), founded in 1990 by Erwin Thoma because it adopts a construction system without any compromises; to this end, it completely renounces the use of chemical adhesives, relying exclusively on natural wood, selected exclusively in Austrian forests and cut according to the phases of the moon in the winter months, left to season naturally and lastly assembled only with pegs made of beech wood. If you want to find out and inform yourself more about Thoma Holz 100 you can visit the website.


Hiking is the essence of going to the mountains, and conquest has always been man's challenge.Walking in the mountains is equivalent to running in the plains, only a minimum of physical preparation is needed.It is a motor activity that can be practiced by anyone in good health.

It is considered one of the best forms of exercise to keep the body active and to purify lungs and blood.It is one of the cheapest sports, the mountain is free.The thrill of reaching a peak by overcoming small difficulties and overcoming fatigue, fuels self-esteem and makes you feel stronger...


Due to its location at 1740m in Riale in the upper Formazza Valley, the following sports can be enjoyed:

Winter : Cross-country skiing - 12km track | Alpine skiing and ice falls | Alpine skiing - aValdo 6km | Snowshoe hiking

Summer : Hiking for all tastes and possibilities on over 400km of well-marked and maintained trails | Mountaineering | MTB and Down hill hiking | Ultra Trai "BUT" | Forest bathing | Bird watching | Fishing

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