Vallone del Vannino - Margaroli Refuge : 2196m

Difference in altitude : 777m

Time : 3,00 h

Difficulty : E

  • From Canza you follow the beautiful fir forest up to Sagersboden where you enter the Vannino valley along it slightly uphill to the homonymous lake, located on a side hill is the Rifigio Eugenio Margaroli dedicated to the historic mountain guide domese, the Refuge is owned by C.A.I. Domodossola.

Miryam Hut : 2050m

Difference in altitude : 631m

Time : 2,30

Difficulty : E

  • From Canza follow the same itinerary as the Margaroli Refuge up to the middle of the valley where there is the junction that leads us to the refuge with an easy path. It is also possible to go up with the chairlift directly to Sagersboden saving about an hour of climbing.

Lake Busin Lower : 2398m

Difference in altitude : 297m

Time : 2 h

Difficulty : E

  • The lower Lake Busin is an artificial basin located at the foot of Monte Giove and can be reached from Lake Vannino which runs along the left bank.

Mount Jupiter : 3019m

Difference in altitude : 813m

Time : 3,30 h

Difficulty : EE

  • The departure is calculated from Vannino, Monte Giove is called the "belvedere dell'Ossola", offers a wonderful 360 ° view of the Lepontine le Pennine, the Bernese Oberland, the Valle Antigorio and Formazza up to Domodossola. We recommend the period of July – August – September.

Bocchetta della Valle : 2574m

Difference in altitude : 378m

Time : 3 h

Difficulty : E

  • Starting from Vannino, it connects Val Formazza with the Devero Natural Park and can be traveled as an alternative to the "Scatta Minoia".

Passo Scatta Minoia : 2599m

Difference in altitude : 403m

Time : 3 h

Difficulty : E

  • Departing from Vannino, he connects Formazza with Devero. On the pass there is the bivouac "Conti" which has been recently restored.

Lake Sruer : 2330m

Difference in altitude : 134m

Time : 40 min

Difficulty : E

  • From Lake Vannino you climb the path on the right and climbing over a collar you reach the lake.

Antillone – Alpi Vova – Cà Francoli _ Salecchio : Sup. 1509m

Difference in altitude : 289m

Time : 4 h

Difficulty : E

  • From the Antillone you cross the beautiful forest to the Alps of Vova, Cà Francoli, Salecchio Superiore and Inferiore and then descend to Passo through the tunnel. (stack) Of great interest for the Walser culture, ancient houses, lime kiln, sawmill and community kiln.

Hendar Frggu : 2419m

Difference in altitude : 1199m

Time : 4 h

Difficulty : E

  • Pass that connects the two Walser colonies of Formazza and Bosco Gurin, less frequented than the more famous Guriner Furka, can be followed by varying the outward itinerary to the return from Bosco Gurin.

Crossing of Bosco Gurin : 1503m

Difference in altitude : 1103 m uphill

Total time : 6,30 h

Difficulty : EE

  • Through the Guriner Furka, historic pass at 2324m, you reach Bosco Gurin a Walser colony founded by the Formazzini in the thirteenth century. Pretty wooden village offers a visit to the ethnographic museum and the Chapel of Our Lady of the Snows.

From Riale - Tour of the Ghighel alp : 2132m

Difference in altitude : 357m

Total time : 4 h

Difficulty : E

  • Going up from Riale towards Toggia you climb to Lake Castel, continue to cross the Rio Ghighel and then descend to the homonymous mountain pasture. Path back near the wall, steep takes us in a short time on the hill that divides the Toce waterfall from Riale.

Rifugio Maria Luisa : 2150m

Difference in altitude : 420m

Time : 1,30 h

Difficulty : T

  • Owned by the C.A.I. of Busto Arsizio, it is a comfortable and spacious refuge, an excellent base for the many summer and winter excursions in Val Toggia, including the Basodino 3236m, La Punta di Valrossa or Rotenthal 2968m, the Punta D'Elgio or Helgenhorn 2837m.

Refuge Città di Busto : 2480m

Difference in altitude :

Weather :

Difficulty :

  • Owned by the C.A.I. of Busto Arsizio, it can comfortably accommodate 48 people with all comforts. It can be reached from two different sides; going up to the beautiful plain of Bettelmatt and then on the spur that leads to the refuge or from the gully of Sabbione where a new and safer path has been traced.

Refuge Mores : 2515m

Difference in altitude : 785m

Time : 2,30 h

Difficulty : E

  • Owned by the Section of the C.A.I. Milanno Subsection "Fior di Roccia" is located on the right bank of the Sabbione dam. Summer opening, June – September.

Refuge Ciuttà di Somma Lombardo : 2561m

Difference in altitud e : 796m

Time : 2,30 h

Difficulty : E

  • Owned by the C.A.I. of the city of Somma Lonbardo, it is located a few meters above the wall of the Sabbione dam. Open June-September.

Rifugio Claudio e Bruno : 2713m

Difference in altitude : 983m

Time : 3 h

Difficulty : E

  • Owned by the association "Mato Grosso" Don Bosco 3A, it can accommodate 60 people and offers restaurant service. From the Sabbione dam, cross it and enter the Hosand valley.

Refuge 3A : 2960m

Difference in altitude : 1230m

Time : 3,30 h

Difficulty : E

  • Owned by the association "Mato Grosso" Don Bosco 3°, it can accommodate 90 people and offers restaurant service. Open June-September. After passing the wall of the Sabbione dam, take the direction of Claudio and Bruno halfway there is the indication of the path that branches off on the right climbing steeply up to the 3rd.

Giro Alto dei Rifugi : 2960m

Difference in altitude :1145m

Time : 6 h

Difficulty : E

  • It is a classic excursion of the high Formazza that touches 4 shelters and reaches the remarkable altitude of 2960m of the 3A. Very varied and panoramic especially on the Sabbione valley and on the Arbola touches the Mores, Claudio and Bruno refuges, 3A and Città di Busto. We recommend the months of July, August, September.

Crossing of the Nefelgiù Pass : 2583m

Difference in altitude : 840m

Time : 5,30 the complete lap

Difficulty : E

  • Starting from Riale, square of the Morasco dam, climb on the left to the Alpe di Nefelgiù, you go through the valley up to the pass, paying attention to possible residual snowfields even in late season, reached the pass, always very windy, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Vannino valley and beyond, possibility to see ibex. The descent to Vannino is fast and safe but quite steep. From Vannino you descend comfortably to Valdo.

Black Lake : 2428m

Difference in altitude : 698m

Time : 3.30 h

Difficulty : E

  • Climb from Riale towards Lake Castel, and continue south. Embedded between the bulk of Basodino and Corno Talli is an artificial lake that takes its name from the color of the waters that reflect the color of the black rocks above.

Lake Brunni :2661m

Difference in altitude : 931

Time :3 h

Difficulty : E

  • Departure from Riale towards Rifugio Maria Luisa. Once you arrive at the Refuge, leave it on the left and go up the Vallone della Val Rossa also called the valley of the marmots, keep to the orographic right of the stream, poor signals, and always climb on the left of the valley. The lake will not appear until the last meters, embedded under the homonymous peak. It is still possible to find blocks of ice floating even in late season. It is also possible to meet some Ibex and with a little luck, looking at the sky, see the eagle.

Horn Brunni : 2862m

Difference in altitude : 1132m

Time : 4,30 h

Difficulty : EE

  • Departure from Riale towards Toggia. Clearly visible from all over the Formazza, the Corno Brunni overlooks the plain of Riale. Austere and not easy top, considering the friable formation of the rocks, you have to climb up to Passo Brunni and then for the aerial ridge to gain the summit.

Tour of the Boden lakes : 2341m

Difference in altitude : 611m

Time : 5,30 h – full lap

Difficulty : E

  • The lakes are located on the left bank of the Val Toggia. Climb up to Alpe Castel, and continue on bumps on a slight slope to the two lakes of Boden. The area is characterized by the phenomenon of "karst" that manifests itself with holes, sinkholes and cavities, created by the calcareous nature of the rocks.

Passo San Giacomo: 2313m

Difference in altitude : 583m

Time : 3 h

Difficulty : E

  • Historical route that has connected Formazza with the upper Canton Ticino, the trip is easy and pleasant and runs along the dirt road that runs along Lake Toggia, built in the early 1900s, during the period of the construction of the dams.

Tour of Passo del Corno : 2485m

Difference in altitude : 1058m

Time : 7 h the whole lap

Difficulty : E + (for length)

  • From Riale you climb into Val Toggia to reach Passo San Giacomo 2313m, cross into Switzerland taking the path on the left that indicates Capanna Corno Gries. With a long traverse on a very panoramic path over the Val Bedretto and the Passo della Novena you reach the Capanna del Corno 2338m, always on a comfortable path you climb to Passo del Corno 2485m, where you can still see the last remains of the Corno Gries glacier. Italy is regained by arriving at the Gries Pass 2479m and then down to Bettelmatt, Morasco, Riale.

Gries Pass : 2479m

Difference in altitude : 749m

Time : 3 h

Difficulty : E

  • This was a historic trade route that for hundreds of years connected Milan with Bern and central Europe, and is one of the few that remained passable only on foot or with mules and horses. You climb from Riale to Alpe Bettelmatt which in Walser language means "alp of the questua", at the bottom of the plain on the left the path climbs with steep hairpin bends. Once at the Pass you will also find a small but comfortable and very useful wooden bivouac. View of the Gries glacier and the Bernese Oberland.

Punta Elgio : 2837m (Helgenhorn)

Difference in altitude : 1107m

Time : 4 h

Difficulty : EE

  • From Riale you climb into Val Toggia, along the dirt road to Passo San Giacomo at a certain point there is an indicator sign, you go up the slopes above the lake, there are no path signs so you have to invent the climb overcoming the bumps that lead to the summit, clearly visible during the climb. At the top wonderful view of the Val Bedretto in Ticino and the whole upper Formazza.

Punta di Valrossa : 2968m (Rotenthalhorn)

Difference in altitude : 1238

Time : 5 h

Difficulty : EE

  • From Riale you climb to the Maria Luisa Refuge, enter Valrossa and follow it all on the left, reached the hill you take a decisive left and with well-marked hairpin bends you reach the summit. Beautiful view.